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Er erfüllt alle Bedienungen und Erwartungen bestens. Zu allem ist er auch sehr handlich, Benutzerfreundlich und kompatibel mit anderen DCC-Systemen. Mit Ihm kann man zwei Züge/Loks oder 2 x 2 Mehrfachtracktionen (max. 8) Steuern auf dem selben Regler. Dieses kann nur per Kabel geschehen.

Die Deutsche Version folgt noch...

DT402 Super Throttle


The DT402 Super Throttle!

          * Works with ANY LocoNet compatible system

* Full numeric keypad makes loco selection simple

* Run locomotives with “encoder click” knobs for speed and direction  

* Control light and sound effects functions with the press of a button

* Large LCD display shows locomotive status at a glance

* Built in flashlight for convenience


Full Featured With Support For:

* Infrared operation with UR90

* 29 Functions (F0-F28)

* Convenient step-by-step throttle option set up

* Simplified 4 or 2 digit addressing

*Over 9,000 locomotive decoder addresses

* 999 turnout decoder addresses

* 29 Functions (F0-F28)












Hochgeladen von  am 09.12.2009

UPDATE 12.11.09 I have decided to do the upgrade for the first 10 people for free, just send me the throttle and the mini toggle switch from Radio Shack and I will have it back to you in a couple of days. cant get no better than that!!!
In fact if ANYONE out there can beat my price I will stab myself in the stomach. ANYONE!!! :)

A very Quick HOW TO upgrade your Digitrax Dt400R and DT402D throttles with an on/off mini toggle switch that SHOULD HAVE been installed from the factory. Aww well mines is done now. cost me just $2 and took me just 30 minutes to do. So here it is.


* Playable whistle feature on F2

* Decoder programming

* Transponding “Find” feature

* Fast clock display

* Recall feature



Die Deutsche Version folgt noch...

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